Kaspa Currency #crowdfunding has begun for #DAGKnight!

Today we are excited to announce the opening of a pool to raise funds for the implementation of the DAGKnight protocol!

Please make your Dag Knight KAS donation at: 

The world’s first Zero Wait Protocol from Michael Sutton & Yonatan Sompolinsky.

Only one day in & the community has already donated 33% of the 70M #KAS needed.

Everybody is welcome to participate! 🙂

What will it give Kaspa?

DAGKnight (DK) is a new consensus protocol that achieves responsiveness – a WORLD FIRST – it reacts to the actual network delay, unlike every other coin including our current GHOSTDAG protocol). Incredibly, it retains a 50%-byzantine tolerance, so it is faster and more secure than GHOSTDAG.

In a nutshell (thanks <@880202494997852160> for the wording) DAGKnight will make Kaspa:

1) require less confirmations to be provably secure;

2) intrinsically scale as internet speeds increase, basically as the internet gets faster over the next decades with more fiber optic cables etc, Kaspa will scale with this, without any hard fork interventions.

This will make our coin literally the Ultimate L1 PoW coin in existence.

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